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Turner Field Food:
Top Dog Express

No matter what fancy feedbag offerings ballparks are offering these days, ballpark food still pretty much begins and ends with the hot dog. Most teams recognize this, but the Braves do it better than most.

The Braves once bragged about serving 21 types of hot dogs, but they included sausages and brats in that mix, so it’s a technicality. But Top Dog Express, located on the first base side of both the lower and upper levels, covers the ones that count.

Mets fan coming from New York? There’s a New York Dog with sauerkraut, mustard and onions. Are you a homesick Cubs fan? The Chicago Dog is a wiener “dragged through the garden” (I love that phrase) with mustard, relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, pickles and onions. Like some heat in your food? Try the Buffalo Chicken Dog with spicy chicken and cheese on it.

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Or you can get my favorite, the local flavor, the Georgia Dog. If you’ve never had a hot dog with Cole slaw and Vidalia onion relish before, it alone is worth the trip to Turner Field.

The Top Dogs aren’t cheap, of course, but you do get some value for your money—the Top Dogs are oversized hot dogs, and they are very generous with the toppings, so much so that you should probably grab a lot of napkins. If you’re going to spend the money on ballpark food, get it done well.

Fancifying the hot dog? It doesn’t get more baseball than that.

That's just one great grub item at the home of the Braves...if you want to know about all your food selections, be sure to get yourself one of these!

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