Turner Field Photo Gallery

Turner Field Sign

Around when I took this picture, I began to get questioned by a police officer, who was curious at this fellow taking pictures of the whole area. Fortunately, since I'm not a threatening looking guy and I had business cards on hand, he let me go.

Atlanta I-85 I-75 I-20 Connector

Turner Field is not far from where I-75, I-85, and I-20 meet, a junction known as the "Connector" in Atlanta. You can imagine the traffic headaches this brings. Some people just go to games to get away from it.

Braves Shuttle Turner Field

This is the MARTA Braves Shuttle bus, which takes fans from the Five Points Station to Turner Field on game nights, free of charge with your MARTA train ticket. This almost got discontinued in 2011, until MARTA realized that Braves games were the only thing bringing suburbanites into the city.

The rings from the 1996 Olympics, held at Olympic Stadium, which was then torn in half and became Turner Field. Atlanta would never be the same. Well, except for the oppressive heat in summer.

Turner Field Braves Parking

This stairway is along the fence around the main parking lot, so I told the wife I needed to see what was up there. Turns out there's a whole bunch of additional parking, which I then needed to spend about 20 minutes exploring. The wife was none too happy about that. Can't say I blame her.

Hank Aaron Turner Field

This is the fence from Fulton County Stadium over which Hank Aaron's 715th home run landed. I still remember that fan chasing Aaron around the bases. Must have scared the heck out of him.

Turner Field Retired Number 41

Like at Camden Yards, the Turner Field has statues of retired numbers outside of the center field entrance, in a large area called Monument Grove. Number 41 is, of course, Eddie Mathews, who hit 512 home runs without the benefit of Muscle Explosives.

Turner Field Channel 17 Jersey

This is the Channel 17 jersey, from when Ted Turner tried to persuade pitcher Andy Messersmith to change his nickname to "Channel" to promote his network. Say what you will about Ted Turner, the man knows how to prostitute people.

Chick Fil A Turner Field

The Chick-Fil-A Chopping Cow, in upper left field near the Coke Bottle. The Cow leads Braves fans in the Tomahawk Chop as the music plays. That someone actually thought of this is a testament to the true unorthodoxy of the marketing mind.

Braves Chop House Turner Field

This is the Braves Chop House, a multi-level restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating and a view of the field, although it's pretty far away. You can buy one of those dollar tickets and watch the game from here. And many do. And the Braves are still a competitive team. Imagine that.

Turner Field Coca-Cola Bottle

The new Coca-Cola bottle in left field. This shoots fireworks whenever a Brave hits a home run, which is pretty cool. Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta, and the city doesn't let you forget it.

Tooner Field Wiffle Ball

This is the wiffle ball field in the Taco Mac Family Zone, the kids area in center field. As you can see, the pitcher is throwing from past second base, lest they get whacked by a swung wiffle bat standing on that mound.

Turner Field Model Museum

The model of Turner Field found in the Braves Museum. I love these things. And I'm not the only one. The mere sight of one of these makes baseball owners and city mayors say "Will $500 million be enough?" Talk about a marketable skill.

Turner Field Scoreboard

The ginormous scoreboard installed in 2005, at the time the Guinness world record holder for being the world's largest hi-def video board. Look how small the people are near it. It was so huge it had to be shipped in pieces. A logistical nightmare but well worth it for that big welcome.

Turner Field Sun Trust Club seats

These are the SunTrust Club seats, the best seats in the ballpark. Food, private entrance, access to the Club, and a chance to hang around folks who spend more time cutting deals on their cell than watching the game. All for just $250,000 for a set of two season tickets, or $1543 per ticket per game. (There's a waiting list.)

Turner Field Scouts Alley

In Scouts Alley, you can read the original scouting reports from famous Braves. The scouting report on Phil Niekro should say "with his limited velocity, he should be able to pitch well into his fifties".

Turner Field Food Georgia Dog

This is the Georgia Dog, one of about five unusual hot dogs available at the Top Dog Express . I squirted relish on this before I remembered to take a picture, but it doesn't hide that eye-catching Cole slaw on the frank. Why didn't I think of that?

Turner Field Food Peachtree Street Pizza

This is Peachtree Street pizza. I didn't try it, but a lot of people rave about it, so either it's better than it looks in this photo or my South Jersey standards are too high. They don't skimp on the sausage though, I'll give them that.

Turner Field Food Crepes

Turner Field was the first ballpark I've ever been to that sold crepes. Maybe they're really good, I don't know, but I must confess I've never sat in my seat at the game thinking "Man, I sure could go for a crepe right now".

Turner Field Sky Box

This is the view of Atlanta from the Coca-Cola SkyField area. Like in Philadelphia, the Braves ballpark isn't in the heart of downtown but there's still a nice view. Kinda romantic, actually, but my wife was still annoyed with me for the parking lot thing.

Turner Field Sky Field

More from the Coca-Cola Sky Field area. This is mostly for the kids, but it's a good place to get a spray mist to cool off or see the views of the city. But for some strange reason, all I could think about was Coca-Cola when I was up there.

Braves Fans Tomahawk Chop

Braves fans executing the famous Tomahawk Chop; nothing like 30,000 fans wielding foam axes to instill abject fear in opposing players' minds.

Johnny Rockets Underground Atlanta
And after the game, you can take your ticket stub to the Johnny Rockets in Atlanta Underground (where the Braves Shuttle drops off riders) and get a free shake. So imagine that with the dollar ticket. Still want to shell out $250 grand for the SunTrust Club?

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