"Sure, Wrigley Field is Chicago's ballpark. But if you're visiting the city or just want to catch a game and don't even consider "The Cell," you're really missing out...if you really want to make sure you're getting the most out of your experience, check out Kurt's E-Guide. Talk about all-inclusive. You can put it on the board, yes!" - Zachary Gropper, Grab Some Bench

Get a great seat. Get to the ballpark easily. Get some good eats.
And SAVE MONEY on all of it...with the

U.S. Cellular Field E-Guide!

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With the U.S. Cellular Field E-Guide, you'll know how to…

...Get tickets. You’ll know about the many ways to get White Sox tickets, from the team website to the box office to StubHub and other third party sellers, and some extra avenues, like team ticket auctions...

...Get a great seat.
Find out about all of the seating areas in U.S. Cellular Field, from Magellan Scout seats to the restricted upper deck and everything in between— including party areas like the Roof Deck…

...Get to the ballpark. Want to take Red Line or the Green Line? Want to drive and avoid traffic? Use the new Metrarail station? A Pace bus? The E-Guide covers them all, with all of the knowledge you’ll need...

...Get some good eats. Get the lowdown on Comiskey Dogs and Burgers, Cuban Comets and everything else. Want corn off the cob? Asian dumplings? A helmet of deluxe nachos? Brats, pizza, even churros, you’ll know the score on all of them...

...Get a few extras. You’ll know about a few extra little U.S. Cellular Field nuggets too; things like accessibility, the huge new kids play area, special nights like Mullet Night, even where to find some anti-Cubs gear...

...and best of all, SAVE MONEY.

The U.S. Cellular Field E-Guide is full of “Tightwad Tips” that will show you plenty of ways to go cheaper on everything from White Sox tickets to parking to food! Ballgames are expensive, so don’t pay more than you have to--find out how with the U.S. Cellular Field E-Guide today!

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"Ballpark E-Guides are a must for the avid, or the casual baseball fan...it gives you a virtual tour of every stadium, the ins and outs, the whats and the nots. It’s truly one brilliant idea."  - Bill Mahoney, White Sox Gab

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