U.S. Cellular Field Photo Gallery

CTA White Sox Green Line

Most fans take the CTA Red Line to the ballpark, but the Green Line has a stop that is only a couple of blocks away. Just because you like your fellow White Sox fans doesn't mean you have to share sweat on the train.

U.S. Cellular Field White Sox Tailgating

It may not be at the level of Miller Park in Milwaukee, but I'd put the U.S. Cellular Field tailgating up against most any other ballpark. Philly really needs to step up its game.

Buffalo Wings and Rings U.S. Cellular Field Shuttle

You can park for free at Buffalo Wings and Rings on Halstead Street, and then take the shuttle to the game. And of course, have wings and beer before and/or after the game. Honestly, if there's a downside here, I'm not seeing it.

U.S. Cellular Field Gate

The Gate 3 entrance between the ramps from the east parking lots. There used to be pics of Sox greats on the wall here. Guess the White Sox deemed it more important to remind people what team plays here.

Chinatown White Sox Parking

You can park in Chinatown for less than half what the White Sox charge, and then take the Red Line to U.S. Cellular Field (or Wrigley Field, for that matter). And hey, dim sum. Win-win.

Metra Lou Jones Station

This is the Metra rail line, as seen from the new Lou Jones/Bronzeville Station a short walk from the ballpark. A new way to get to the game from the suburbs, and you can even drink beer on the train. Get a head start on tailgating!

Miller Lite Bullpen Patio U.S. Cellular Field

This is the Miller Lite Bullpen Patio, part of the U.S. Cellular-funded renovation. See the game from field level and a prime spot to catch a home run ball. It may land in your cheese fries, but a souvenir is a souvenir.

U.S. Cellular Field Express

The Pace U.S. Cellular Field Express, yet another way to get to the ballpark. Not sure why it says "Not In Service" when it's already at the game. Unless it was being used to hide Cubs fans.

Private Bank Fan Deck

The Private Bank Fan Deck, another part of the renovation. It's become a common theme for teams to create party areas with the worst views in the ballpark. Still, it's a pretty cool thing. Do White Sox fans like the ivy?

U.S. Cellular Field Food Bobaks

Bobak's Sausages cooking. I'll have ten, thanks. Just shove 'em all into that one roll there. I'll live on Milk of Magnesia for a week or two.

Churros U.S. Cellular Field Food

For some reason churros are a fairly popular delicacy at White Sox games. Perhaps Ozzie liked them and threatened to kill someone's feelings if they didn't make them available.

U.S. Cellular Field food elotes

Another popular item, corn OFF the cob, also called "elotes". I wouldn't imagine eating corn off the cob at the ballgame, but look at that list of condiments! Heck, ants off the hill might be okay with cheese and mayo.

U.S. Cellular Field seating bleachers

The bleacher benches in left field.  Not sure why saving money sharing butt cheeks is so appealing to people. Then again, I never shared butt cheeks with a team cheerleader, so maybe I'm the one missing out.

U.S. Cellular Field Seating upper level

The upper level seating. Imagine the vertigo up at the top. Then remember that there used to be eight more rows above them. Hi there Mr. Pilot!

U.S. Cellular Field Metra Station

The ballpark as seen from the new Metra Station. The cool thing is that you can see it driving by on the Dan Ryan Expressway. I think they put that 2005 Champions sign out there just for the benefit of Cubs fans.

U.S. Cellular Field No Smoking

Violaters? Is that like Now & Laters?

U.S. Cellular Field Ramps

The ramps on the outside of the ballpark. A design flaw, if you ask me, because even though it makes for bigger concourses, you're still in Chicago. It does get kinda cold here.

U.S. Cellular Field Scoreboard

The exploding scoreboard, a remnant of the old Comiskey Park. Bill Veeck was one of the pioneers of the fireworks and spinning lights that followed a White Sox home run, which usually got the next batter plunked.

CTA Sox-35th U.S. Cellular Field

The bridge walkway across the Dan Ryan to the ballpark from the CTA Sox-35th Red Line Station. The team name is there to remind you that you missed your exit.

U.S. Cellular Field United Scout Seats

The United Scout seats, the best and most expensive seats in the park. When you spend this much on seats, you can afford to leave half of an $8 beer under your seat. I live for such an opportunity.

U.S. Cellular Field Gear

The White Sox don't allow peddling close to the park, so they make merchandise available in trucks in the parking lot. For retail price, of course.

U.S. Cellular Field Fundamentals Kids

The multi-level Comcast FUNdamentals play area, with the wiffle ball field on the upper level. Seriously short porch here for your young Mel Ott.

U.S. Cellular Upper Level Restriction

So folks, if you want to really explore U.S. Cellular Field, you need to pay extra for a lower level ticket. And why take the chance of not being able to get elotes? (cheese and mayo!)

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