Three Foods to Try at Nationals Park

Since I’ve already covered the Shake Shack and Box Frites in my Citi Field section of this website, and since I’ve already talked about Ben’s Chili half-smoke and Hard Times nachos, my challenge now is to come up with some things at the home of D.C. baseball for you to try on your next trip.

No problem. There’s a very large and varied food selection in this joint.

Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake Grilled Cheese. Baltimore isn’t the only city close enough to the Chesapeake Bay to make it a crab town, and Nationals Park does quietly have a few crab items of its own at the Chesapeake Bay Crab Co. stand.

I couldn’t help but notice this particular sandwich, a grilled cheese with crab meat on a hefty piece of bread. It comes with chips, which somewhat softens the blow of the price tag. Ballpark + seafood = really expensive.

But if you can splurge, and you’re hungry, grab a bite of the crab grilled cheese. If not, try the crab nachos.

Jammin’ Island Jerk Chicken Sandwich. I wasn’t lucky enough in my last visit, but employees have been known to pass out samples of the Jammin’ Island jerk chicken, which often results in sales.

Spicy jerk chicken goes great with beer, and on some nights you can get a beer cheaper than usual at Nats Park. The sandwich has cole slaw piled onto it. It doesn’t include sides, but you can get them added for a fee.

There are two Jammin’ Island outposts, one near the Bud Light Loft in center field. If you know to get a discounted beer, that’s the place to be.

Steak of The Union Cheesesteak Nachos. Steak of The Union has been at Nats Park since it opened, so I know this isn’t a surprise. But cheesesteak nachos are always worth trying…once you’ve had chili nachos, of course. The Steak of The Union nachos feature the beef and Cheez Whiz found on a Philly steak.

Steak of The Union kiosks are in a couple of places and often don’t have much of a line. And the nachos are not too unreasonable for a ballpark.

That’s three things you can try here. But there’s much more to choose from in the nation’s capital…like the chicken parm sandwich at G by Mike Isabella, the three cheese grilled cheese sandwich at Throwin’ Cheese, the pad thai at Intentional Wok, or the Virginia Country kitchen ham biscuits...if you want to be ready to get your grub on at Nationals Park, be sure to get yourself one of these!

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