Nationals Park Seating:
Tip #1 – Budweiser Brewhouse Seats

They may be pretty far from home plate, with a minimal view of the scoreboard. But there’s a lot of cool things about those red seats in left center field.

The Bud Brewhouse (formerly Red Porch) seats are priced at what would be a head-scratching level at first glance. They cost nearly as much as infield box seats, with nowhere near the view. But not only do they include a $20 concessions credit, these seats are wide, padded, have a lot of leg room to stretch out in and tables on the side. They even have nets underneath the seats to hold your souvenirs, goodie bags or purse.

Plus you’re very close to the Brewhouse, the sit-down Nationals Park restaurant, making it easy to spend your $20 credit on a big plate of high quality food, like jerk chicken or steak salad, and wash it down with a microbrew. The Porch has a full bar and is a neat hangout spot, as is the Bud Light Loft above it, with its Jammin’ Island BBQ grilling jerk chicken and ribs to rave reviews. The credit, I’m pretty certain, is good anywhere else too.

Granted, these seats don’t provide the best view of Ryan Zimmerman’s facial expression. They’re probably the furthest from home plate of all of the seats here.

But if you like sitting in the outfield, or if you’re more of a foodie than a baseball fan who likes to be near the center field concourse and much more interesting food options, the seats are a good deal.

So if you’re going to Nats Park for the good times more than anything else, try the Brewhouse seats. It certainly beats the hard, smaller seats in the rest of the outfield, and it doesn’t cost much more all told, especially if you were going to spend $20 or more on food anyway.

Clever thing, adding some value to otherwise poor seats.

Tip #2 – Avoid Lower Right Field Seats

There are always some seats in a ballpark that are great in pouring rain. The only problem with that is that you’re not there to watch rain.

The lower right field seats in Nationals Park are completely covered by the second deck overhang and certain sections are tucked underneath the second deck behind the bullpen. The only advantage of such seats would be being able to watch pitchers warm up, which isn’t a bad thing, but otherwise you should avoid these seats.

It’s not a big deal to miss the flight of fly balls, but in today’s ballparks especially you’ll want a view of the entire field, and obviously you’ll lose a lot of it here. On top of that, you’ll have no view whatsoever of the big scoreboard in right field…and this is a key thing here, because I couldn’t see anywhere else where you can see who’s batting or what the score is. The LED boards surrounding Nats Park show mostly ads, even during play. There are TVs in this section to keep you posted on the action, but what fun is that?

So if you have a choice, you’re better off either sitting in the upper level in the infield, or in the left field seats if you’d like to be closer to the Bud Light Loft and such. But for viewing the game these are not good seats. Unless Strasburg is pitching and you want a close-up of his warm-up tosses.

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