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Wrigley Field Photo Gallery

Hope you enjoy these photos of one of America's great classic ballparks. If you like this page, be sure to have a look around the rest of the site too!
Wrigley Field Addison Station

This is the view of the ballpark from the Addison CTA Red Line Station, where most fans arrive. See all of the available parking? Yep, that's pretty much it.

Wrigley field addison station

The Red Line Addison Station, clearly marked with the Cubs logo so you know where to get off the train, just in case all of the people wearing Cubs gear exiting the train doesn't ring a bell.

wrigley field bicycle

There are bicycle racks on Sheffield Avenue, and there's also a bicycle valet near the fire station on the corner of Waveland Avenue. Imagine biking to a day game at Wrigley...about the smallest carbon footprint you could have.

wrigley Field bleachers

This is the line for the Bleacher seats, which are first come first serve. This was at about 11:00 AM for a 1:00 PM game. All in hopes of catching a batting practice baseball. Which is worth it.

Harry Caray Statue

The statue of the late Harry Caray leading the crowd in "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". Like the real Harry, the statue has people growing out of his legs. Man, that is creepy.

Wriogley Field Rooftops

This is one of the rooftops at Wrigley where people sit and watch the game from across Sheffield Avenue. "Eamus Catuli!" means "Go Cubs!" (Loosely.)

Wrigley Field Express Pace Bus

This is the Pace Bus Wrigley Field Express, which carries riders from the Chicago suburbs to Wrigley. Cool paint job. Guess they can't use these buses for much else now.

Wrigley Field Parking

This sign somewhat clearly prohibits parking, but if you can find the right kind of sign and decipher it, you can park for free for a day game. But if you're there one minute past 6:00 PM, your car gets remotely detonated.

Wrigley Field Bleachers

The secret entrance for the Bud Light Bleachers, the only place to be for some Cubs fans. People meet at the Harry Caray statue if they can handle the inevitable nightmares.

Wrigley Field Ivy

Ah, the famous Wrigley Field ivy. I still remember Phillies center fielder Garry Maddox getting injured running into the wall, which as the Phillies announcers repeatedly pointed out, is "solid brick" behind the ivy. As opposed to "liquid brick", I guess. Ouch.

Wrigley Field Bartman Seat

This is the view from the "Bartman Seat", which is now famous after the foul ball mishap and the Cubs' subsequent collapse in the 2003 NLCS. Lots of Cubs fans blamed Bartman for the loss, but he did have some help from Mark Prior and Alex Gonzalez.

Wrigley Field Obstructed View

The support pole obstructed view. This was actually taken from a seat. "Come on, ump, that sounded like a strike to me!"

Wrigley Field Standing Room

This is down the right field line. You can see behind these seats here that there's some standing room space. Wrigley doesn't have a lot of good standing room, but at least it's easier to go to the bathroom.

Wrigley Field Terrace

If you're in the Terrace reserved seats, chances are you won't be able to see the big scoreboard, so the Cubs installed this guy some years ago. Unfortunately, you have to guess who the Cubs are playing.

Wrigley Field Seats

The seats in each row start at 1 on one side and 101 on the other, so seat 10 is next to seat 111, or what have you. I think that's some sort of old time baseball thing, like convincing men that they won't be sitting with their wives or something.

Wrigley Field Red Line

From the top row in the upper level, you can look through the fence and see the movers and shakers on the Red Line El train go by while you sit on your butt at a ballgame.

Wrigley Field Restroom
Wrigley Field Food Hot Dog

The famous Wrigley men's room, with the ubiquitous troughs and breath mints. No crossing streams. It's actually a good place to warm up on a cold day if you don't mind looking weird.

This is a Chicago Bison Dog with grilled onions on a poppy seed roll. Man, was this good. Worth the price of the ticket.

Wrigley Field Scoreboard

The venerable hand-operated scoreboard, a feature of Wrigley that will remain as long as it's saving the Cubs millions in electricity bills. And hey, more power to them. Har har.

Wrigley Field Throw It Back

That's right, those people in the bleachers who throw back opposing teams' home run balls are in violation of Wrigley Field policy. I hear they're really gonna crack down on this. Really.

Wrigley Field Bucket Bangers

The Bucket Bangers, who put on an impressive show for fans outside of Wrigley. You can hear them during the game, and it's part of the Wrigley experience. I wish I had more money left when I run into them, but the ballpark usually has cleaned me out by then.

Chicago Cubs Fans

The essential Cubs fan. Not only is this cat dressed to cheer on the Cubs, he won't be excluded from any club that requires a tie.

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