"The E-Guide has insider info about buying tickets, paying less for tickets, figuring out what and where the best food is, not to mention getting to the Bronx without stress. It's all here...I'll definitely consult the Yankee Stadium E-Guide before my next visit to the Stadium." - Jane Heller, Confessions of a She-Fan

Get a great seat. Get to the ballpark easily. Get some good eats.
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With a Yankee Stadium E-Guide,
you’ll find out how to...

...Get tickets. You’ll know about the numerous ways to get Yankees tickets, from the website to the box office to StubHub and other third party sellers, and what you should know about the new "Ticket Exchange"...

...Get a great seat. Learn about all of the different seating areas, from the Legends Suite to the Grandstand to bleachers and everything in between—including how to avoid obstructed views…

...Get to the ballpark. Want to take the B, D, or 4 train? Want to drive and pay less for parking? Take the Metro-North railroad? How about a bus, or even a water taxi? The Yankee Stadium E-Guide covers them all, with all of the knowledge you’ll need...

...Get some good eats.
Get the skinny on the Hard Rock Café, Lobel’s, Brother Jimmy’s and more. Want a cheesesteak? Garlic fries? A deli sandwich? Takeout outside of the Stadium? Sausages, pizza, even sushi noodle bowls, you’ll know the score on all of them...

...Get a few extras. You’ll learn about a few extra little Yankee Stadium nuggets too; things like accessibility, Monument Park, the Great Hall, the Yankees Museum, even where not to sit while wearing Red Sox gear...

...and best of all, SAVE MONEY.

The Yankee Stadium E-Guide is full of “Tightwad Tips” that will show you plenty of ways to go cheaper on everything from Yankees tickets to parking to food! Ballgames are expensive, so don’t pay more than you have to—find out how with a Yankee Stadium E-Guide today!

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What they're saying about the Yankee Stadium E-Guide:

"As someone who has visited Yankee Stadium at least a dozen times, it’s tough to disagree with Kurt’s reports. What makes this guide most valuable is its “Tightwad Tips,” which will save you more than the price of this guide — perhaps hundreds of dollars." - Lenny Neslin, LenNY's Yankees

"This guide covers everything from Monument Park to John Sterling’s jock size…just kidding, but it is one of the best Yankee Stadium guides I’ve ever seen...Reading this guide is almost like being at a game, except a beer won’t run you $10." - Andy Corselli, Yanks Go Yard

"Kurt lists guides to transportation, parking and seating, as well as food and drink, and gives you some cost-saving tips. For Yankee Stadium, and other ballparks, whether you are an experienced fan or a first-time visitor, his guides are well worth it. Check them out." - Mike Sommer, The Sommer Frieze

"Let me tell you, these guides do not disappoint. I have gone to about 25 Yankee games in the new stadium and have come to realize that there are a lot places that I have failed to check out...All the different eateries and shops laid out in an easy-to-read format that in my mind worth the money." - Brian Capozzi, Bronx Bombers Beat

By the way...

Ballpark E-Guides is happy to help you with getting around the majestic new Yankee Stadium, but if you still miss the venerable old Yankee Stadium, you can keep the memories alive with Harvey Frommer's "Remembering Yankee Stadium - An Oral And Narrative History of The House That Ruth Built". This illustrated coffee table book goes through the history of old Yankee Stadium since its opening in 1923, with quotes from all through the years. "Remembering Yankee Stadium" has earned praise from everyone from Regis Philbin to George Will, and it's a must have for any Yankees fan! Click on the link to learn more...

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