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Yankee Stadium Photo Gallery

Yankee Stadium 4 Train

This is the view from the 4 train at 161st Street Station, which unlike the B/D subway becomes elevated before it reaches the Bronx. Another reason I prefer the 4; not much of a view underground. Unless you like bathroom-tiled subway stations.

Metro North Yankee Stadium

Part of the deal with the new Stadium construction was a Metro-North station for people coming from northern suburbs. You mean people didn't enjoy the cruise through the Bronx?

Yankee Stadium Parking

Ah...the good old days of cheap parking at Yankee Stadium. The municipality raised the rates 55% to $35 in 2011, and after a season of lots being half full (surprise!), they're considering taking it out on the people who do pay it and raising the rates yet again.

Yankee Stadium water vendor

This gentleman sells water on 161st Street near the Stadium, shouting "one dollar water, one dollar water" and occasionally shouting "why you pay five dollar inside?" A fair philosophical question, I think.

Yankee Stadium Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe in Yankee Stadium features pictures of artists clad in Yankees gear, which is pretty cool. No pictures of Jim Morrison with the rumored Yankee logo tattoo on his...never mind.

Yankees History

In this classic photo, manager Joe McCarthy and star Yankee Lou Gehrig engage in a game of "Let's make the owner uncomfortable".

Yankees Designated Driver

The Yankees are one of the few teams that don't give you a free soda for being a designated driver; they just enter you in a contest. But the girl at the counter has a cute smile and that's kind of worth staying sober.

Yankee Stadium recycle

Thank God for recycling. I can't tell you how many times I've spent entire ballgames wondering what to do with all of the compost I was carrying around. I almost got arrested trying to use the can though.

Jim Beam Yankee Stadium

Hmmm...Yankees, Jim Beam, Jim Beam, Yankees...I guess I can sort of see the connection if I squint really hard.

Yankee Stadium Great Hall

This is the Great Hall, with larger-than-life banners of great Yankees through history. Where's A.J. Burnett?

Thurman Munson Locker

This is Thurman Munson's locker in the Yankees Museum, dedicated to the great 1970s catcher who was killed in a tragic plane crash in 1979. I remember being sad about Munson, who I liked, but I still wasn't happy about the Yankees beating the Orioles the next night. Thurman wouldn't have wanted me to change allegiances.

Yankees Museum Babe Ruth

An ad to see the Yankees back in Babe Ruth's day, also in the Museum. I don't know if there really was a Curse of the Bambino, but it's impossible not to consider how different history would be had the Red Sox kept him. This ad shows what a cash cow the guy was.

George Steinbrenner Yankee Stadium

There was no owner in history like George Steinbrenner. Love or hate him, the man did put winning for the people of his city above all else. Well, except for firing Billy Martin.

Yankee Stadium Delta Seats

These are the Delta Sky360 Suites. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of this area, but at my income level this is as close as my odor is allowed near them.

Yankee Stadium Standing Room

The chairs and counter here are part of how the Yanks can charge so much for standing room tickets. If you look closely there are "seat" numbers on the counter. But hey, for having a place to put your beer and your booger, it's not a bad deal.

Yankee Stadium Obstructed View

The bleacher sections next to the Mohegan Sun in center field are obstructed view seats, which go very cheaply in exchange for this limited view of the outfield. See 80% of the game for .5% of the price of the luxury boxes. These people did the math!

Yankee Stadium Brother Jimmy's

Brother Jimmy's is a Manhattan institution that has a fair presence in Yankee Stadium, and they actually have fried pickles. Unfortunately you can't put them in your pocket and look happy to see someone.

Lobel's Yankee Stadium

Lobel's is a prime meat provider for several Manhattan steakhouses, and they also have a cart in Yankee Stadium selling beef sandwiches. Not cheap but insane good, so good I forgot to take a picture of the sandwich. Guess I'll have to get another one. Dang it.

Yankee Stadium Beer

I know the kid wants a hot dog honey, but it's the souvenir cup!

Yankee Stadium Asian food

Asian dumplings are available at Yankee Stadium, and as you can imagine, the price is way too high for this serving size, even with the foil included.

Yankee Stadium Fruit Stand

Anyone who sets up a fruit stand at a ballpark must love a challenge, and I admire that kind of spunk. The mere sight of it is enough to make you question everything you believe about baseball.

Bx13 Bus Yankee Stadium

The Bx13 Bronx MTA Bus is waiting right outside of the ballpark after games for those who prefer traffic to crowded trains. The wheels of the bus go round and round...eventually.

Yankee Tavern

That's right...since 1923. Meaning Babe Ruth used to come here, or so is said. And you know the Babe had high standards for food.

Old Yankee Stadium

The sad photo of the demolition of the old Yankee Stadium--what's left in this picture is, of course, gone now. But it's for the best. No one wants to look at a shell of a classic stadium, least of all developers in a city where land is at a premium.

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